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Maurice Recchia (Chemistry)

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01/13/16 12:10 PM #1    

Edward Bergonzi

Isn't Mr. Recchia's first name Matthew?   Ed B

01/13/16 06:54 PM #2    

Barbara Banisch (Lynch)

I checked the '64 as well as '61 Purple B editions- only the first initial "M" is given. I was in his chemistry class, however, and I am reasonably certain his first name was Maurice. 

01/14/16 12:31 PM #3    

Robert Erianne

I'm pretty sure it was Maurice.  He was a very good chemistry teacher.  I worked with his daughter at Litton Industries in the early 70's.

01/15/16 10:12 AM #4    

Lawrence Paulaski

Ed,Barbara,and Bob,

I looked up the 1959 yearbook and he is listed as Matthew Recchia.

Larry Paulaski

01/15/16 10:18 AM #5    

Gail Gracey (Roncevic)

 Chemistry was a subject that was very difficult for me.  Besides geometry it came in as a close second.  As much as I tried to listen in class and tried to perform the experiments required I just didn't have a clue as to what I was doing.  I must have had a very smart lab partner!  Mr Recchia helped me to forge through the class and I went in to see him countless times for extra help.  Ironically I did well on every test.  What he never knew was that I forgot all the information that I had crammed into my brain as soon as I had turned in my test.  Mr Recchia was kind, patient, and a wonderful human being.  We stayed in touch and I hired him in 1974 to take my wedding pictures.  Eventually we lost touch, however I will always remember his smile and great disposition.  He helped me to learn the true meaning of the phrase "never give up!"





01/16/16 04:45 PM #6    

Elaine Lally (Brady)

Nicely said Gail. Mr. Recchia also did my wedding pictures in 1968! He was a great teacher and I remember often visiting him at his home with fellow students. Guess that friendship would be frowned upon in this day and age. He was a fine human being and dedicated teacher- like so many we all probably never gave a thought about when we were teenagers. I also miss Mr. Hempstead who taught geometry. Sorry his life ended so early and abruptly. 

01/16/16 07:56 PM #7    

Edward Bergonzi

I liked Mr. Recchia. His teaching was understated, but effective. I wasn't the world's greatest chemistry student by any stretch of the imagination, but I remember Nelson Gomm and I going head-to-head with Stanley  V. and Leonard Mills in a game of chemistry "Password". Amazingly, we actually won. I wonder if Nelson remembers that? I hope Larry Ps research has clarified the question of Mr. R's first name. All the best to everyone for the New Year.   Ed B 

01/16/16 07:56 PM #8    

Robert Erianne

Gail and Elaine.....those were great memories you shared.  Mr. Recchia was a very kind and helpful man.

01/17/16 11:23 AM #9    

Harry Wilson

I liked what Ed stated about Mr. Recchia's teachng style...understated, but effective.  My testament to his teaching was how I breezed through chemistry in college.  The reason was I had already learned it in Mr. Recchia's chemistry class at BHS.  A really nice and good man who impacted by life.  RIP.   ~Harry

01/21/16 05:40 PM #10    

Philip Passantino

HE was a great guy, he taught my sister Marie as well as myself.  I learned a great deal from especially how to think things through, to be logical, and to push myself.  He, Mattwew Recchia and Mr Chester A. . Bodkin were my favorite teachers and I got a chance to work with them when I was a sub at Bogota High School.  It was a great experience.  Thank you Mr. Recchia,  Philip0 Passantino, Jr.

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