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Bogota High School
Class Of 1964

  We have a brand new novelist in our class!  Nelson Gomm's first book was released on February 20th.  Here's hoping for a best seller!  (We'll work on the Pulitzer later)  Check it out on Amazon, Barnes & Noble and other bookstores!


When LTC Steve Walker leads his US special ops team into a secure satellite control facility for the third time, the risks are high. Their cover now blown and the team compromised, Walker must lead them through multiple gauntlets without being detected. All while HQ is trying to sort out who infiltrated the mission. They press ahead to solve the mystery of Russian satellite COSMOS 2455. Will they accomplish the mission, or will it cost them everything?



Richard O'Rourke  4/27
David Bayersdorfer  5/3
Philip Passantino  5/3
Daniel Ackley  5/16