Class Reunion Survey 2019

The overwhelming positive feedback we received after the 50th indicated that there is a strong interest in holding a gala 55th year reunion!  To this extent, the BHS Class of 1964 Reunion Committee has begun planning.  At this point, it seems like holding it in May of 2019 is most feasible, but we are looking for your feedback and ideas.

SOMETHING DIFFERENT!  The Class of '64 invites all BHS graduates to our 55th reunion,  Regardless of graduation year! 

When you come to the reunion, please bring with you:

  • BHS Memorabilia
  • BHS photos that have not already been posted to the web site.
  • Photos of your life after BHS, including  family, kids, grandkids, pets, hobbies and any others. We can post them on the web site if you wish.

Please complete the survey below as soon as possible, but no later than May 15, 2018.

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* Answer Required
1)   * Do you think you will attend our 55th Class Reunion?

Yes No
If you're not interested in attending, you can skip the rest of the survey.
2)   If yes, please indicate how many people.

  Myself and spouse\guest
  3 or more (Pllease specify when you register at a later date)
3)   Is May 2019 good for you?

Yes No
4)   If not, please indicate preferred dates\time period

5)   Are there any dates or days of the week that we should avoid?

6)   Would you prefer that the major function be on a:

7)   We're thinking of holding the function in the Bergen County area. Are you agreeable to this?

Yes No
8)   If "No" what alternative location would you prefer and why? Think outside the box (e.g.DC, FL, PA, NY, CT etc.)

9)   What time of day would you prefer?

10)   Will you require hotel accommodations?

  Yes - Before the function
  Yes.- After the function
  Yes - Before and after the funcitioin
11)   What type of function(s) would you prefer? You may answer more than one.

  Casual buffet dinner (like the 50th, more casual attire)
  Casual buffet luncheon
  Outdoor picnic with burgers, hot dogs, etc.
  Outdoor catered BBQ
  Casual dinner the night before like the 50th
  Brunch the morning after the major function like the 50th
12)   What location would you recommend for a buffet dinner function?

13)   What location would you recommend for a buffet luncheon function?

14)   What location would you recommend for an outdoor function? (preferably with a covered pavilion)

15)   The cost of the function will cover food and entertainment. Do you wish to have a cash bar also? Check as many as you wish.

  Wine and Beer
  Limited cocktails
  Soft Drinks
  All of the above
16)   Do you require any special dietary considerations? (Please specify).

17)   Would you like to have musical entertainment at the function?

  Yes - Disc Jockey
  Yes - Juke Box
  No - I prefer to have quiet time to talk with classmates.
18)   Are there any fun activities you might suggest? (other than tackle football and ultimate kick boxing)

19)   In case we forgot something, please add any ideas or suggestions that you may have.