2019 Class Reunion Survey

(This is a revised, shortened version of the survey posted earlier in 2018.)

After reviewing the responses from the recent 2019 survey, it is clear that there is considerable interest among classmates in repeating the wonderful reunion held in 2014. However, the plan to schedule it for May 2019 seems to conflict with other events (graduations, recitals, etc.). To facilitate attendance by all of you who would like to join the fun, we have decided that the weekend of September 13-15 may be more convenient and are now tentatively planning for then.

The casual welcome get-together would be Friday, 9/13, the "Main Event" Saturday  9/14 1-5PM, a casual after-party Saturday evening, and brunch Sunday 9/15 will be organized as well as any other fun things we can plan. As with the 2014 weekend, some of you will attend all or those that you choose.

We REALLY do need you to indicate your interest so that we can secure a venue. Please send your response ASAP!

Rather than ask many questions, we have provided simply a space for you to make comments/suggestions. 

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1)   Do you plan to attend the 2019 Reunion if it is held in September?

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2)   How many of you will attend?

3)   Please include suggestions/comments.